Carpet Cleaning Solutions For Specific Stains

Carpet Cleaning Solutions For Specific Stains

When cleaning your home routinely, you will face various resistant and difficult stains that simply won’t go after vacuuming or washing with soap and water. These stains require treatment with specific solutions designed to treat particular stains and odors. These solutions should be used prior routine cleaning methods. Here’s a rundown of some of the commonly used stain removal solutions.

Spot and stain removing solution

This solution, often available as a trigger spray, removes various common stains, such as stains of butter, coffee, fruit, red wine, jam, crayon, mud, ink, grass and makeup. It’s applicable on carpet and upholstery and can be used with or without additional treatment with cleaning machines. Spot and stain solution is convenient and easy to use. Apply the solution onto the stained area, rub with a cloth pressing deep into the stain and leave it for a while. Rinse with water and let it dry.

Urine removing solution

Various body fluids, such as urine, faeces, vomit, blood and all their odors are particularly challenging to remove. This solution contains specific enzymes that break down these stains and eliminate them effectively. The solution applies to carpets, furniture, and other color-safe materials. It’s recommended to use this remover instantly after the stain is made because many body fluids tend to have a bleaching effect on fabrics. When applying the solution, make sure to wet the area thoroughly, so the solution reaches every pore of the fabric. You can rinse it with water afterward or just leave to dry naturally.

Detergent for pet carpet stains

Pets cause a specific stain on carpets and other fabrics. These stains include urine, odors, pet fur oil and proteins and other chemicals. Pets tend to mark the territory with urine or to lie on carpets and live various allergens in the depth of fabric. The best results are achieved applied prior deep machine cleaning, but you can also use it solely. Apply the solution onto soiled area and rub it with cloth and warm water. Apply intense pressure and rinse with hot water afterward.

Odor removing solution

This specific enzyme formula is designed to eliminate various odors, such as cigarettes smell, mildew, sewage, overcooked food and much more. The solution is capable of removing even bacteria producing awful smells, and it has a deodorizing effect. It usually comes in the form of a spray and can be used with or without additional deep carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment For Regular Maintenance

Carpet Cleaning Equipment For Regular Maintenance

Carpets attract dirt regardless of thorough, meticulous weekly vacuuming. It especially refers to the homes with young children, pets or a large number of residents. The more frequent outside-inside circulation there is, the more dirt gets into carpet fibers. Even if you live in relatively quiet and calm place, without pets and kids, the carpet still absorbs various odors, allergens, microbes and dust particles. All of this tends to wear out your carpet and shorten its lifetime significantly causing additional costs and ruining your home’s style. To avoid this, many homeowners turn to carpet cleaning services or try to maintain their carpets by renting or buying special equipment for carpet cleaning.

Features of carpet cleaning equipment to consider

Features of carpet cleaning equipment to considerWhen hiring professional carpet cleaning service, technicians usually use powerful truck-mounted cleaning system connected to the generator placed outside the house. The main goal is to provide powerful suction, deeper cleaning and consequentially drier and cleaner carpet. On the other hand, equipment sold to the laymen is portable and provides less power, so when handling severely soiled carpet, you should probably leave it to the professionals. Opting for a solid portable cleaning machine can help you maintain your carpet regularly in a more efficient manner compared to simple vacuuming.

Main types of carpet cleaning machines

Two main methods of deep carpet cleaning used in carpet cleaning industry are dry and steam cleaning. Both have many pros and cons, but in general, dry cleaning won’t do good enough with severely soiled carpet. However, both of these methods are integrated into several types of available equipment at the market. If you are planning to purchase some powerful tools for maintaining your carpet, read this rundown thoroughly.

Carpet extractor and self-contained carpet extractor

Carpet extractor and self-contained carpet extractorThese pieces of equipment are based upon the steam method of cleaning. Extractors use specific detergent to clean the carpet thoroughly and suck the dirty foam afterward with a powerful vacuum. Modern models of extractor use hot water when cleaning to remove even resistant oil stains. The self-contained extractor has a set of brushes added to the basic construction, so it cleans carpet mechanically as well before rinsing it with water and vacuuming. This equipment does an excellent job, but you have to count on the wet carpet as a result.

Bonnet cleaning machine

This cleaning machine is based upon dry cleaning method. A round pad is placed in a buffer, and the friction is used to get rid of the dirt in the carpet. This cleaning method leaves a lot less wet carpet at the end of the procedure, decreasing the time needed for drying, but bonnet cleaning isn’t deep cleaning procedure.


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