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Carpet Cleaning Solutions For Specific Stains

When cleaning your home routinely, you will face various resistant and difficult stains that simply won’t go after vacuuming or washing with soap and water. These stains require treatment with specific solutions designed to treat particular stains and odors. These solutions should be used prior routine cleaning methods. Here’s a rundown of some of the commonly used stain removal solutions. Spot and stain removing solution This solution, often available as a trigger spray, removes various common stains, such as stains of butter, coffee, fruit, red wine, jam, crayon, mud, ink, grass and makeup. It’s applicable on carpet and upholstery...

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Carpet Cleaning Equipment For Regular Maintenance

Carpets attract dirt regardless of thorough, meticulous weekly vacuuming. It especially refers to the homes with young children, pets or a large number of residents. The more frequent outside-inside circulation there is, the more dirt gets into carpet fibers. Even if you live in relatively quiet and calm place, without pets and kids, the carpet still absorbs various odors, allergens, microbes and dust particles. All of this tends to wear out your carpet and shorten its lifetime significantly causing additional costs and ruining your home’s style. To avoid this, many homeowners turn to carpet cleaning services or try to...

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Carpet Cleaning

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