Carpets keep the proofs of everyday life in the house. Regardless of how determined and thorough weekly vacuuming you provide, it will always attract some remaining dirt, microbes, allergens or in the worst case – hard stains. Family homes with small children and pets struggle with this problem a big time. When regular cleaning isn’t enough, many people call for professional help. Our company is a reliable ally providing you with cleaner, fast-drying carpets, and healthier living environment.

Our educated and well-trained cleaning specialists are familiar with professional methods of deep cleaning, and they use the latest powerful and eco-friendly equipment to clean your carpets meticulously. A wide assortment of our services includes dry and steam cleaning, special methods of using 80% less water than average cleaners and our products are tested and proven to be efficient to bacteria and allergens. Our standard service includes pre-inspection and spot testing, pre-vacuuming, deep cleaning and brushing, applying of protectants, deodorizers and sanitizers.

Our broad knowledge and experience combined with a responsible and dedicated approach to our job are at your service anytime.

Misty Stalder

Houston Spain

Pamela Southwick