Truly clean carpet for safe and healthy home

Multiple methods of cleaning your carpet

Depending on the size, texture, and color of the carpet, as well as on the soiled areas and present hard stains, there are various available cleaning options we suggest and provide.



Our company uses various powerful equipment to achieve thorough and deep cleaning of your carpets. It means we remove everything, including dirt, dust, odors, allergens, microbes and hard stains. For truly deep cleaning, we recommend steam method, but dry cleaning gives solid results as well if you prefer your carpet dry quickly.


Steam cleaning provides the most thorough and deepest cleaning among all cleaning methods. These devices use hot water, brushes and powerful vacuum system to inject detergent deep into fibers of the carpet, clean the carpet mechanically and remove the dirt with an intense vacuum. The effect is more than obvious, but this procedure requires some time for the carpet to dry.



There is a large scale of chemical solutions specifically designed to remove particular hard stains we use when needed. It includes chemical removal of body fluids, pets’ fur, food remains crayons and makeup, wine, chocolates, mud, grass and many others. After these resistant stains are removed, routine deep cleaning is conducted.

The easiest way to clean your carpet

Steam cleaning provides the best results, especially if treating heavily soiled, light-colored or delicate carpet. Professionals use a truck-mounted cleaner to achieve powerful vacuum, but if you want to do it yourself, you should purchase portable steam cleaner and apply it occasionally. Adding specific stain removal solutions available at the market will help you get rid of hard stains before applying steam cleaning system. If you don’t have time to wait for the carpet to dry, the portable dry cleaner is the best option for you.

Commonly used carpet cleaning products

Pet odor extinguisher should be used by all pet owners to remove urine stains, pets’ odors and fur from the carpet and furniture. The solution is effective, but it doesn’t contain any aggressive solvents that could threat the health of your pet or your own. Grease and oil stain remover can’t be treated the same way as water-based stains. Thus this product is specially designed to treat them too. Spot remover will get rid of common stains and spots caused by food, wine, makeup, mud, grass and many others.

One company and many benefits

The main advantage you get when handling the cleaning tasks to our company is the quality of the service that beats the competition. There are several cleaning methods, solutions and devices only we use and achieve amazing results with it. With us, you get the full treatment of your carpets, including inspection, vacuuming, deep cleaning, hard stain removal and applications of carpet protectants, sanitizers and deodorizer. All of this is provided by our highly professional, kind and reliable technicians.


Beatriz Axford

We have several light-colored carpets in the house, two small children and a dog. The combination of these three resulted in some hard stains all over the carpets and a fear of allergens and microbes. Thus, we decided to handle the deep cleaning tasks to this service, and we are amazed at their job. The carpets are really clean, they look and smell fresh. It took only a day for all the carpets to dry and above all the technicians are rather kind and dedicated to the job.

April Turner

My favorite carpet wasn’t so soiled and covered with hard stains, but it was rather worn out and the color faded. I decided to trust cleaning to this service and the results surprised me pleasantly. It looks almost brand new. The color is vivid, the fabric truly clean and the mere texture appears richer. I am really satisfied and this company has my honest recommendations.

Lynne Lee

Our last week party ended up with few hard red wine and chocolate stains on our favorite carpet. We needed quick scheduling of deep carpet cleaning and a job well done. We got even more than that with the guys from this company. The stains are all gone, the carpet was dry within a day, and the whole service was rather affordable.


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